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Christian Sources for Journalists

In the course of doing a story you may need experts to speak about a topic from an Evangelical Christian perspective. Hopefully, these institutions can help you find people who can assist you. I've tried to select organizations that are both well known and well respected. If I've missed something obvious, let me know.
Brad Haugaard

Bibles and Other Documents
Evangelicals are about the Bible. Look up scripture references at Bible Gateway. The 4 Spiritual Laws is a great pamphlet that explains what it means to become a Christian. The Ethereal Library (It's in the "ether," get it?) has a huge collection of Christian documents.

Bible Gateway - look it up here, translations

4 Spiritual Laws - classic tract, translated into a bazillion languages

Christian Classics Ethereal Library - more than you could ever read

General Organizations
A good place to start is the National Association of Evangelicals, an umbrella organization representing about 43,000 congregations, 50 denominations and 250 parachurch organizations and schools. Barna Research is also good for an overview. It tracks the health of the church with surveys and polls.

National Association of Evangelicals

Barna Research, contacts, (805) 658-8885

For academic comment, these three colleges are probably the best known, and each is well respected. Wheaton is perhaps the best known of Evangelical colleges. Both Wheaton and Multnomah have a press contacts page.

Wheaton College - Wheaton, Illinois, contacts, (630) 752-5015

Biola College - La Mirada, California, contacts and experts, (562) 906-4546

Multnomah (Portland, Oregon), contacts, (503) 251-6450.

Fuller Seminary has an extensive page of topics for which it can provide experts.

Asbury Theological Seminary - Wilmore, Kentucky, contacts

Fuller Theological Seminary - Pasadena, California, contacts, experts, (626) 584-5367

Trinity Evangelical Divinity School - Deerfield, Illinois

Dallas Theological Seminary - Dallas, Texas, contacts, (214) 824-3094

Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary - South Hamilton, Massachusetts, contacts

These are some of the largest Evangelical relief organizations. World Vision is probably one of the largest relief agencies - Evangelical or otherwise.

World Vision, contacts

The Salvation Army, Click on "Finder" for contacts

Food For the Hungry, contacts

Not just creation vs. evolution, though plenty of that. Incidentally, creation and the age of the earth are almost always treated as if they are the same. They're not. Institute for Creation Research, for example, holds to a "young earth" view, while Reasons to Believe holds to an "old earth" view. Neither believes in evolution.

Institute for Creation Research, (800) 628-7640

Reasons to Believe, contacts, 626-335-1480

American Scientific Affiliation - Association of scientists with various views, (978) 356-5656

You might consider these two organizations (of which ACLJ is probably much better known) as counterweights to the ACLU.

The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), contacts, (757) 226-2489

The Rutherford Institute, contacts, (804) 978-3888

Focus on the Family is the big family-related Evangelical organization. It occasionally deals with political issues affecting the family. Family Life is smaller, though well respected. It seems to stay away from politics.

Focus on the Family, (800) 232-6459

Family Life, contacts, 501-223-8663

Christian Coalition is the big Evangelical political organization, but these other groups (offshoots of Focus on the Family) are also quite influential.

Christian Coalition, contacts

Family Research Council - Washington, DC lobbying group, (202) 393-2100

CitizenLink - social/political division of Focus on the Family

Family Policy Councils - links to associated state organizations

These organizations provide an Evangelical perspective on cults and new religious movements.

Spiritual Counterfeits Project, click on "Comment" link for contacts

Christian Research Institute, Click on "Contact Us" for contactS.

You've undoubtedly heard of Billy Graham, but Campus Crusade for Christ is also very large, and extends far beyond college campuses.

Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

Campus Crusade for Christ, (407) 826-2000

Book Publishing

Inter-Varsity Press - books with an academic bent, (630) 734-4000

Thomas Nelson - Bibles, and more, contacts, (800) 933-9673

Tyndale - popular books, contacts

Zondervan Publishing House, contacts

Other Good Sources

Christianity Today - premier news magazine about Evangelical Christianity and flagship of an array of fine publications, (630) 260-6200

Jews for Jesus - Messianic Judaism

Promise Keepers - major men's organization., contacts